Frontier Implosion 11-13-07

Deals for Locals | | November 13, 2007 at 03:24

frontier-implosion-1.JPGSometime after 2am just off the strip, with sliding doors cracked to let in the cool desert night air, the still of the night was shattered by the sounds of deep rumbling. Like a giant Harley revving its powerful engine, reverberating vibrations stirred us from heavy sleep.

Luckily we weren’t so lazy we pulled the covers and pillows over our heads, but let curiosity drive us from our bed to the balcony. Although mainly blocked by the new Wynn Encore, we still had a good enough view of the implosion to make it another memorable Frontier Casino Implosion.JPGnight just “off the strip.”

It wasn’t long ago that we had full view of the marvelous demise of the old Stardust Casino. Even though we were not afforded the full view this time around, this implosion party perhaps delighted all the more because of the complete unexpectedness of it.

Strip in Frontier smoke.JPGIsn’t that why we love this town? You never know what’s going to happen – and most of the time the surprises are pleasant. Thank you Las Vegas again!

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