Did pornography or politics bring down my site?

Latino | | May 5, 2009 at 09:20

Now that I have vented over the deletion of my site from BlueHost.com, I continue to speculate over what exactly happened.  Certainly the lame explanation from BlueHost does not shed any light on the real reason the entire database and all backups were erased from cyber memory. 

The way I was so quickly shuttled from the customer service rep with a terse and quiet, "You need to speak to my supervisor about this," was the first giveaway that something odd was afoot.  Then when I’m given a lot of quick-talking mumbo jumbo from the supervisor about "abuse" and "overloading the server," my normally not devious mind begins to pose questions.  Finally, I’m informed that even responding to that single email within the short time period allowed would not have restored my site.  BlueHost.com would not be hosting my site anymore – period.  I would have to find another server.  How could I not ask what was REALLY going on?  Indeed.

Could it be that my site was hi-jacked by child porn pirates?  Might it be that a German gambling consortium had managed to squeeze through a back portal and seize control of my humble database?  Or had some of my articles, especially those on the disappearance of able-bodied Latino illegal aliens into our private prison systems – under clauses of the Patriot Act which cause them to serve lives as slave laborers with the name "Jose" Doe?  No one else was writing this story.  And not long after, judges are indicted in Texas for taking payments for each body (disproportionately Latino) they send to private prisons where the poor sods are forced to work to profit the corporations that run the slave labor camps.

I don’t usually adhere to conspiracy theories, but the deletion of my site without any real explanation and so clouded in mysterious language like "the decision came from the highest levels of our department" makes me wonder what really happened and why.

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