Blue Martini is local hot spot in Vegas

Baby Boomer, Bars Clubs Lounges, Deals for Locals | | May 7, 2009 at 07:59

Wednesday night and the Blue Martini is jammed.  What would it be like if there were no recession?  It’s refreshing to see high heels, sexy dresses and crisp shirts.  You get so tired of the slobby tourists on the Strip with their shorts, sloppy T-shirts and sandals.  This is Las Vegas, for *** sakes!

The Blue Martini, across from the Rave Movie Experience, at the top of the escalator and to the left, at the west end of Town Square, is pulsating with feverish energy.  Three giant bars anchor this sprawling hot spot, one with outdoor patio, one with live music stage and the last secreted in the far back with cozy alcoves for tête á têes.  With an outdoor terrace that stretches on two sides, there is always quick access to fresh air and open space.  The bathrooms are also buried in the back, which can seem like quite a trek if you don’t plan ahead.

The servers are sweet and sexy in their powder blue bodices, a vague reference to French cancan and Playboy bunny.  The bartenders, handsome young lads, pour genereous martini’s and are well trained to keep customers happy.  In fact, the service everywhere is excellent - friendly and casual without the pretensions of the Strip.

The live music in the middle bar is rock sold dance quality, although there is no dance floor per se.  But who can sit still to Santana, although the average age of the dancers is way older than the sitters.  Do we just get freer as we age, or don’t people know to dance any more?

Happy Hour serves $6 martini’s (regular $12) with beers about half that.  The food menu is diverse and the portions designed to set in the middle of the table and share.

Although most of the crowd is well under 40, you won’t feel ridiculous if you could be their parents. It’s a great spot and one I hate to write about because I’d still like to get a seat at the bar or a table when I go.  But if you are wondering where locals go – “to see and be seen” – it’s Blue Martini.