Maui eco business and lifestyle for sale

Hawaiian | | June 3, 2009 at 10:27

They call Las Vegas the 9th Island, so it seems appropriate for me to height=mention an eco design company based in Hawaii that is now up for sale.  It you have access to some cash (apparently there are a few of those people left) and have a hunger in your soul for an alternative livestyle, check out the link below to read about the eco business  Savage Designs with an Eco-RV.

Sunny Savage of Hale Paiku in Maui wants to transition to the next adventure and sail around the world in a floating mobile documentary film studio.

She is offering a 2 in 1 package – an Eco-RV home and an eco conscious clothing company.

After researching the globe for natural fibers, Sunny discovered indigenous Nepalese who wildcraft fibers and found a cutting edge designer to create Savage Designs, an eco conscious clothing company like no one else on the market.

The RV is bio-diesel, has eight solar panels, and a garage in the back that would be a great editing bay!  The interior is totally remodeled in bamboo and cork with organic bedding and other eco-friendly accessories.

Do yourself a favor.   Dream for a minute or two.  This may just be the opportunity you have been looking for.


 By the way, if you are interested, mention you saw this on my site.  Most of my readers are not from Las Vegas – I have a big following in Germany, for instance.  I would love to know if someone from Augsburg followed their dream.