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JubileeShowgirlandMarioHere’s another example of the free, fun, frivolous things you can find to do on a Thursday morning in Las Vegas. Martha Stewart’s satelite radio show Living Today on Sirius XM  was recorded live from Studio B at the M Casino and Resort with an audience of invited locals.

A sample of the M’s sous chef’s braised pork ribs, nibbles of cupcakes from Retro Bakery and tastes of “Vegas” wines were highlighted by a visit from a cutting edge floral designer and a real Vegas-style showgirl.

The radio host Mario Bosquez was upbeat, entertaining and everything you would expect from a representative of a class act like Martha Stewart. Studio B is a brilliant little spot with great seating and a fully-equipped kitchen primed and ready for TV/video viewing.

One of the audience expressed surprise that there was something to “see” on a radio show.  In fact, a radio broadcast in the genre of Martha Stewart’s Living Today is little different from a TV show.  The crew video tapes the guests (audience and interviewees) as well as snaps photos for the blog; it’s a multi-media event.

Your job in the audience is to applaud and be sufficiently boisterous to communicate enthusiasm across radio waves, ask questions, sample good food, be educated and entertained.  Not bad work if you can find it.

Living Today

Weekdays 1 pm – 5 pm ET

Hosted by Mario Bosquez.



Showgirl upcloseThe Showgirl, all 6 feet of her, swept her way to the microphone amidst wows and applause.  With a great personality and obvious love of her job, she carried her plumed headdress with confidence and aplomb.  The Jubilee cast of 85 with 9 costume changes each every night and a stage half the size of a football field gives you some idea of the production sophistication of this most Vegas of all Vegas shows.  Jubilee is a must see if you want to experience the real Las Vegas.  p.s. If you have aspirations of joining the show, grow to 6′ (male) or 5’8″ (female) and be prepared for 2 shows a night, rehearsals and carrying anywhere from 10lbs to 40lbs on your head – while wearing 3″ heels – if female.

Destinations by Design

Allison Hart

According to Allison, designer from DBD, the trend to green is also driving the floral arrangement market.  Allison brought a wheatgrass table arrangement with driftwood “vases,” orchids and moss balls – all requiring very little water and made from recyclable materials.  Earthernware-appearing vases were actually made from newspaper, with metallic cores for holding the flowers.

Check out their website for diverse and innovative travel and meeting planning services of Destinations by Design.

Retro Bakery

Kari Haskell

A tight bundle of energy, Kari is so imbued with enthusiasm that she could hardly be contained in the space of Studio B.  Inspired by Dairy Queen from her childhood days in Oregon, she has developed her signature butter cream swirl in so many flavors and variations that it would take days to try them all.  Her husband is the cake master and together they are re-inventing the American standard in home-style gone commercial baking.

M Resort

Hostile Grape

Mark Thomas, Director of Beverages

Mark poured two wines from the selection of 160 found at the M’s Hostile Grape.  The two reds were from California, one a husky Syrah and the other akin to Chianti – both reasonably priced in the $10/bottle range.  A third white was from Pahrump NV, but not enough for the audience to sample.  The label Pahrump Valley Winery is a bit misleading.  If you visit, you discover that they mostly blend with grapes from California.  They have produced and released a locally grown Zinfandel – quite a feat for the Mojave Desert . p.s the restaurant there was good, worth the drive.

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Les’ Wines and Vines is a weekly radio show with a live audience that moves from restaurant to restaurant around the city.

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