UNLV Forum Lecture Series Open & Free to Public

Personal Development, UNLV | | July 8, 2009 at 16:58

UNLV has announced its fall 2009 schedule for the University Forum Free Lecture Series which are open to the public.  For all you complainers about the lack of intellectual stimulation in Vegas, this is the chance to get out and learn something – and it costs nothing but your time.   No reservation is necessary – just show up and enjoy. Lectures start at 7:30 pm sharp. Venue is the Barrick Museum Auditorium, UNLV campus, Las Vegas NV.

You can check out details at liberalarts.unlv.edu or call 702- 895-3401.

Aug 27 – The Supernatural as Natural: An Evolutionary Approach to Religiosity Prof. Michael Winkelman, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University

Sep 09 – In Search of Dark Matter Prof. George Rhee, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UNLVGovernment, University of Texas

Sep 10 – The Body as Metaphor Profs. Louis Kavouras, Margot Mink Colbert, and Roberta Sabbath, Department

Sep 17 – Do Children Have Constitutional Rights?  Prof. David S. Tanenhaus, Department of History, UNLV

Sep 24 – Polish Heroes: Those Who Saved Jews  Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Los Angeles, CA

Sep 30 – Comedy à la Aristotle Prof. Paul Schollmeier, Department of Philosophy, UNLV

Oct 01 – Graffiti Photos: Self-Photography in Japanese Girl Culture Prof. Laura Miller, Department of Anthropology, Loyola University of Chicago

Oct 15 – Close Calls with Nonsense: Reading New Poetry Profs. Stephen Burt, Department of English, Harvard University, and Donald Revell, Department of English, UNLV

Oct 22 – A Poetry Reading Prof. Claudia Keelan, Department of English, UNLV

Nov 04 – Green Our Vaccines! Mercury Moms, Autism, and the Immunization Wars Prof. Danielle Roth-Johnson, Department of Women’s Studies, UNLV

Nov 12 – Galileo’s Telescopic Discoveries, 1609-2009: Repercussions and Lessons Prof. Maurice Finocchiaro, Department of Philosophy (Emeritus), UNLV

Nov 19 – “No Dreaming, No Story”: Baz Luhrman’s “Australia” Prof. Patrick McGee, Department of English, Louisana State University

Dec 03 – The Millennium Villages Project Prof. Yesim Tozan, School of Public Health, Boston University

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