California Farmers Market – SLO style

Food, Travel | | July 28, 2009 at 13:44

TomatoesThere is nothing as beautiful as a ripe organic tomato.  Unless it’s the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.  I mean, truly, it is a really difficult choice.  Luckily, in my life, I don’t have to choose.  Right now while Vegas is blistering hot – and few places can blister like Vegas – I’ll take my cool days and chilly nights among the fresh produce of the the mini Strip of San Luis Obispo (SLO), CA, otherwise known as Higuera or Thursday Farmers Market.

MidEasternFoodFood vendors peddling cuisine as far ranging as Mediterranean, Italian and Chinese line both sides of street blocked off to cars to create a Thursday evening “walking street.”

Most famous for charcoal broiled ribs, chicken, trip tip and garlic bread, it is a mandatory experience to eat on the curb or find a spot on the steps. RibsontheGrillEatingRibsontheSteps

One end of the street fair is a true Farmers Market with a bounty of produce and flowers from the County and surrounds.StreetScene(2)


Interspersed among the food vendors are booths touting services from temporary tatoos to promotion of local clubs and action committees.

There is the excitement of a medieval fair, complete with musicians for every taste – and puppet shows for children of all ages.MilitaryBandPuppetshow

Everywhere you see evidence of the earnestly environmental California mentality.  There’s a special parking lot for bicycles and organic fare is the norm. BikeParking

TestYourBibleIQFrom religion to sunflowers – it’s all there. SunflowersattheMarket