Sex and the Zen of Shopping

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Sex and the Zen of Shopping or How to Shop Smart in a Dumb Economy  (color edition)

Sex and the Zen of Shopping or How to Shop Smart in a Dumb Economy (color edition)

A bit like a small child, a book seems to suck all the creative energy right out of your soul.  If you don’t feed it and nurture it all the time, it withers and dies.  That’s where I’ve been – creating and rearing my book-child “Sex and the Zen of Shopping” – focusing on it’s well being above all else.

Finally ready to go away to college (publication), we’ve passed so many important milestones – the goal finally does seem just at our fingertips.  The experience of creating a book is for yet another article.  Here is meant to be an explanation to my readers for my absence from Sandra Off the Strip.

In addition to writing my own book on some of my favorite topics –shopping, philosophy and human need, I have written a piece for an upcoming anthology titled “Life Choices.” Turning Point Publications has scheduled release for Jan 30, 2010.  My piece “A True Love Story” is another of my pet subjects.

Because my life is entering a new era, so must Sandra Off the Strip evolve.  I loved sniffing that underbelly of Vegas with its hidden treasures to harvest the tidbits that make living and visiting here such an adventure.  The changes in the blog are sure to displease and disinterest many of my readers who looked to Off the Strip for updates on all the wild, eclectic happenings in Las Vegas, the world capital of crazies.

So I’m breaking the first rule of a problem-free life – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  More than a fix, the changes are alterations.  My life is changing so Sandra Off the Strip has to change too.  I don’t believe in boring lives though, so I anticipate new adventures in new territory.

You are most welcome to come along for the ride.

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