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I confess.  I am a movie junkie.  I watch the Academy Awards.  I love the Oscars.  I like criticizing the dresses – and admiring the good ones.  Luckily, we have TIVO so we speed through the ads.  Is that fair?  Don’t know and don’t care cause I couldn’t plow my way through the evening otherwise.  I really fear brain death, especially as I get older.

The best part is that I have a fresh list of foreign films to rent from Netflix.  And how do you see those marvelous shorts anyway?  Do any of you know?

My take?:

Avatar and Hurt Locker - as if you didn't know

Hurt Locker deserved everything it got.  One of the most suspenseful movies I’ve ever seen.  It has an air of authenticity that makes it special.  Probably needed a woman to show that much violence and tension and still keep the emotions honest.  Ouch – does that sound too gender-biased?
Still, a movie with no romance made by a woman.  That does deserve an award.  It was all about relationships though.

Yes, I saw Precious.  No, it was not that tough to take.  I mean, it’s plenty awful and everything, but the violence is emotional.  Most of us have suffered that.  People tell me they don’t want to see it because of fear of the rape scene.  It was not rape like you think of it.  The real rape was of the spirit and mind – and not by the father, but by the supposed protector of all protectors – mommy.

p.s.  The art direction could have gotten more credit.  The dingy way they lived was as depressing as the story itself.

Tributes:  I think the whole – “I love you, you are the most wonderful and kind and talented person in the world” – routine is already getting a bit old.  The worst last night was Julianne Moore praising Colin Firth and actually admitting that she had known him for 3 hours.  I mean, really, couldn’t they do better than that?  I know he’s from England or somewhere, but come on…….

What was with George Clooney?  He looked totally pissed off every time the camera was on him – well except when he was getting his pep talk tribute – then his eyes were glowing and he was transfixed.  Is he  just too good to be there? Didn’t he like his seat?

I thought the ceremony was the best I’ve seen in a while (except for the hosts which have mostly been lame since Bob Hope anyway):

  • Liked the collages of the acting performances – gave you more idea of the scope than just one scene.
  • There were 3 or 4 great acceptance speeches – Geoffrey Fletcher from Precious (best adapted screenplay) and Christoph Waltz (best supporting actor- Inglourious Basterds ) for starters.  One from the heart and the other from the head – two things a lot of the people up there don’t seem to have.
  • As a writer, I loved the way they superimposed the script on the acting for the screenplay nominations.  That was a treat.
  • And what about those dancers for the musical score?  Amazing choreography and innovative approach.  I liked it.  Will probably get rotten tomatoes thrown at my screen…..

Geoffrey Fletcher Best Supporting Actor "Inglourious Basterds"

Barbara Walters show was really interesting for a change.  This is is her last Awards show and she replayed bits from her interviews over the last 29 years. I loved it when she said she was quitting cause she’s “just sick of it.”  No wonder when you saw clips of interviews of recent times with young kids who really had nothing to say.  After you interview guys like Boris Yeltzin (tell me you remember him!), it must be hard to take.

If you are a true addict, you might enjoy this clip sent to me by my co-dependent film fan, Cheryl Weiss.  It’s generic trailer for academy award winning movies.  hint: it’s meant to be funny!


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