Glenn Beck terrified by New World Order

A Point of View, Politics | | February 11, 2011 at 07:58

I saw a clip of Glenn Beck of Fox News on MSNBC yesterday. He was totally freaked out by the coming New World Order, which he obviously sees as Armageddon. Why should he fear, if he is one of those who believe a war in Israel will herald in the Rapture? Isn’t that exactly what these guys want?

And right there on Al Jazeera’s home page is a sidebar headline,  “The shaping of a New World Order.” It must strike fear into the heart of all conspiracy lovers.

But what does New World Order mean anyway? To some it is the takeover of the world by a centrist, bureaucratic government that replaces nation-states. Sound like science fiction when Planet Earth joins the Galactic Federation? Depending on your point of view, the words have strong utopian or equally powerful sinister connotations. Glenn Beck certainly sees NWO as sinister: it’s the philosophy that created the United Nations, after all!

My feeling is that the Beckites see militant Islam as the newly defined NWO. I agree that Islam won’t be ignored and that the Christian domination of the world is ebbing. I find it scary too, but I also find the fundamentalist Christians scary. I see them as trying to tell me how to live – by their rules.

I like being on top. But what we are seeing in Egypt is not going to go away. We best learn to listen to people who want the same freedoms and perks in life that we enjoy. The longer we ignore them, the quicker they turn to radical measures to achieve their goals. We have to give them a place at the table. That’s my definition of New World Order.

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