Ahmed Mohar and the April 6th Movement

A Point of View, Egypt, Politics | | February 12, 2011 at 12:25

You can’t point to one person who changed Egypt. It took millions to take down Mubarak. But you can identify some stars and one is the man who could reasonably be said to have started the revolutionary movement. Ahmed Mohar and Israa Abdel Fatah and their small core group started in 2008 with a textile strike on April 6th promoted by Facebook. They have been working since that time to remove Mubarak.

Ahmed traveled to Serbia and conferred with Srdja Popovic who headed the successful non-violent student protests that brought down Slobodan Malosevic. What Ahmed learned was straight from the pages of Ghandi.

To bring about a successful revolution, favored by the world media, you must be non-violent. Popovic warned that the one person out of thousands who throws stones will be the one photographed by the press.

The program is simple: Unity, Discipline and Planning. You must always be clear in your aims and keep the crowd occupied and united by chanting.

Ahmed brought the message back to Cairo on videotape and played it for his group. They worked Facebook, printed flyers and posted them everywhere. They organized first aid stations and distribution of food and blankets. The internet went down and they did workarounds. TV blackout and someone donated satelite TV.

Members of the April 6th Movement have been arrested and beaten. Their secret headquarters was raided and demolished by the police. One of their top people was dragged away from the streets. Every officer beat him including the head of the police. He was told, “You are making a Tunis? Go to Facebook now for help.”

Al Jazeera has a dynamite short documentary made during the days of the revolution but before the successful ouster of Mubarak. I’m trying to get a YouTube or a link to put here.

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