Journalists attacked thru-out Middle East

A Point of View, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | February 17, 2011 at 11:41

According to CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists), journalists have been obstructed, assaulted or detained in Libya, Bahrain, Iran and Yemen. That comes as no surprise. These are dangerous places to be for anyone and the sight of a camera must be like a red flag to the raging bulls of the regimes intent on staying in power. These countries are not democracies; they don’t have a bill of rights guaranteeing freedom of the press and freedom of speech. In fact, the concept doesn’t compute.

We are witnessing the re-education of tyrants that the people might have their own ideas about how they want to live and how they want to be governed. And the only way the world can witness this life-and-death struggle is through the lens of the reporter brave enough to be on site.

But the regimes are dealing with more than easily-recognizable foreign journalists. They have native journalists,  bloggers, tweeters and facebookers to squash as well.

Mohamed Ashim, blogger, was detained in Libya when security forces raided his home and confiscated his computer and cell phone.

Bahrain is selectively reducing the speed of Internet connections inside the country – hotels, newspaper offices and homes are affected, but not government offices.

The next challenge to the Silicon Valley geniuses is to come up with one hell of a workaround.

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