February 20 Movement demonstrations in Morocco

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The February 20 Movement demonstrations in Morocco are asking  for more power for the people and more economic opportunity – the same theme that started every movement in the Arab world – except Egypt which went straight for the removal of Mubarak from the beginning. Freedom – Dignity – Justice is their call.

Mohammed VI has ruled since 1999 and is far from one of the worst guys in the Middle East (Morocco is in North Africa, by the way.) The new king even received an honorary degree from George Washington University in 2000 for promotion of democracy in Morocco. It seems he came to the throne with a flurry of actions, but lost the inertia and now focuses more on his clothes and cars than his people.

Forbes says he is personally worth #2 billion. The Alaouite Family Dynasty which has ruled Morocco since the 17th century has one of the largest fortunes in the world. The budget for the royal palace operations is reported to be just under $1 million/day. A lot of that goes to his collection of luxury cars.

I guess they call that the “right of kings.”


Casablanca: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e50xzQ4VafA&feature=player_embedded

Tetouan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-jcsatTOM4

Chefchaouen: http://bambuser.com/channel/20+fevrier/broadcast/1435062

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