Abdul Fattah Younis resigns from Gaddafi regime

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Here are a few excerpts from Abdul Fattah Younis, reported to be Gaddafi‘s #2 man, Army General and Minister of the Interior. He has resigned his post and seems to have survived an assassination attempt by Gaddafi’s men. He referred to the February 17 Revolution and asked the police and military to join.

“Gaddafi’s men came to shoot me but the bullets missed me.
Those who shot at me were Gaddafi’s men, the bullet missed me but hit one of my relatives.”

“Gaddafi, that dirty man, wanted to say that I was killed by protesters so that my tribe, the Obeidat will stand by him.”

“I am not a traitor. I was a close friend. I was surprised by what Gaddafi did. I stood by him for many years.
We undertook (the 1969) revolution for the people of Libya, not to turn around & start shooting at them.”

“I wish Gaddafi had said a prayer for the fallen martyrs rather than his long speech.”

“I gave orders to my men in Benghazi not to shoot at protesters, not one of my men shot at protesters.”

“Many tribes pledged to me that they have joined the protesters including the Tuareg (mentioned many other names).”

“From my knowledge of Gaddafi, he won’t leave, he will stay to the end, but he will stay alone. Gaddafi’s speech was very clear to any one who has a brain. He is nervous, he is stubborn. He may commit suicide.”

“To Gaddafi I tell him: Please end your life by praying for the martyrs, ask for God’s forgiveness & the people’s.”

“To Libyan people, you are a brave people, stand courageously, Libya will become a strong country.”

“Gaddafi is a stubborn man but its finished. Everything is collapsing now. I am sad for all what has happened.”
“The people are now in charge. We have crossed the point of no return now.”

Thank you to Sultan Al Qassemi for his translation on Twitter @SultanAlQassemi.

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