Obama says “exploring all options”

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | February 23, 2011 at 15:58

“Exploring all options.” Those three words from Barack Obama would mean a lot to anyone who isn’t crazy. The problem, as everyone knows, is that Gaddafi is beyond hearing anything. But those around him are capable of hearing. Maybe they will get the message.

It would be so easy if Obama could just fix it. I’m sure he wants to. At least he finally spoke out – and I thought as strongly as he could. The world expects the US to step in and solve everything, and then turns around and calls it imperialism when Amerika does act. It’s a no-win situation.

I’d like to see a no-fly zone, but there would be hell to pay in world opinion if it came from the US alone. It has to come from the EU or NATO – or the UN through NATO. The UN moves at glacier speed which is another hell when you are fighting for your life on the ground. The EU should be able to move faster.

The fight in Libya is nasty and bloody and no one should really be surprised given Gaddafi’s history. He’s as crazy and ruthless as Saddam, Hitler, Stalin etc etc. He seems to be living up to his reputation as a mad dog.

Shame on everyone who has done business with him. And that must have been quite a few countries judging by the number of workers trying to get out – even from China and the Philippines.  Both governments and poor working slobs turned a blind eye to his evil in order to make a buck – or Euro. I have to ask myself, what work did the Libyans do? Did Gaddafi import labor like he imports mercenaries?

I support the February 17 Revolution completely, but the Libyans must have known Gaddafi wouldn’t give in easily. What I imagine is that they thought the military would come faster to the aid of the people. It happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

Gaddafi is too ga-ga to be calling the shots. I don’t buy it. Somebody else (Libyan) is organizing this reign of terror and with plenty of help and assistance. Their own countrymen’s betrayal must be as devastating to the freedom fighters as the inaction of the world.

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