Freezing Gaddafi family assets: Saif tells Amanpour “We don’t have money.”

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Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s second eldest son and his spokesman, looked tired and frankly a little beat during his ABC interview with Cristiane Amanpour. The fire is gone from his voice, the agitation from his body language, and he doesn’t smile or wink anymore.

“We don’t have money. We are a modest family. It’s a joke.”

He was responding to Amanpour’s question if he were concerned about the freezing of Gaddafi family assets. He had a lot more to say about the Gaddafi family regime besides claiming to be modest with no money.

“Libya has not used force.”

“We still have people around us.”

“Only 5 or 10,000 people against 2 million in Tripoli.”

When Amanpour asked about air strikes, Saif answered, “Show me a single bomb. Show me a single causality.”

Saif admitted his family is losing support by his reply to Amanpour’s question about defectors:
“These people think the ship is sinking, so they jump ship. They have no future.”

Saif had written his thesis on democracy and before the uprising had been touted as the man to bring reform to Libya. Amanpour asked what happened.
“It was a big mistake not to move faster with reforms. I was shouting about reforms every day. Now we are in a difficult situation. The same people who were against reforms are those now leaving.”

“There is a huge gap between reality and media reports.”

The quotes show that his language has not changed. Saif still says, “Nobody is leaving. We will live and die in Libya.”

But his body language, eyes and voice betray him. The Gaddafi family is losing more than its assets. He knows it is over.

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