Neocons should follow Libyans on Twitter – no military intervention please!

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | February 27, 2011 at 16:12

The Neocons in America should try following Twitter from Libya to see how Libyans feel about U.S. military intervention there. They want a no-fly zone so they have a more level playing field on which to defeat Gaddafi, but they want to throw him out themselves. It’s their revolution. It’s their country. They don’t want foreign military intervention.

I’m not fooled. This is not as much about democracy as it is about keeping the oil flowing.

Neocons got us into Iraq. I guess they didn’t learn anything. But the truth is pretty simple: As soon as we’re there, we’re responsible and the USA cannot afford another Afghanistan and Iraq – not in terms of world opinion – nor in terms of money. Not to mention that the Libyan people do not want us there. Libyans are uniting against Gaddafi. Don’t make them unite against us.

Even a no-fly zone carries risks. If we shoot down the wrong plane, it’s instant crisis. Some might even consider it an act of war. Why can’t the Neocons listen to what the people of Libya want? It’s easy enough if you follow Twitter. The message is very clear. No military invention please!

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