No Wesley Clark. No legal mandate for invasion. Libya for Libyans

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | February 28, 2011 at 22:01

No Wesley Clark! No legal mandate for invasion of Libya by West. Libyan people don’t want military intervention. Libya! Libya for Libyans!

Listening to Wesley Clark gave me the chills. He did save himself at the end of the Anderson Cooper interview by saying that measured steps would achieve the best results for the Libyan people.

Now that we know that the eyes of the world are on Libya, we can trust more that action will come. It’s the way of the martyr and a fact of history that people have to lose their lives before there is action.

Paul Wolfowitz, neo-con, actually made more sense.
1. Need a massive humanitarian effort.
2. Stop speculating about what Libyan need. Ask them.
3. “We will fight if you give them the means to do so.”

Amazing how fast the Libyan Revolution has brought out the War Experts.

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