Battle of the message: Free Libya holds positions vs Gaddafi takes back

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | March 6, 2011 at 18:36

At the end of the day which is now about 3 in the morning in Libya, it appears that the Free Libya Freedom Fighters have held their ground against Pro-Gaddafi forces in Zawiya, Misrata, and Tabrouk.  State Libyan TV claimed victory in those cities, as well as Ras Lanuf. But foreign correspondents on the ground question those claims.

@Libyafreedomnew tweets that “revolutionaries in Misrata have cleaned up the streets of the city after the battles that took place there today and were won by them.” According to BBC, another resident of Misrata says frreedom fighters defeated the Pro-Gaddafi forces and will defend the city “to the last man and the last bullet.”

The back and forth has become more than a battle in the field, but also a battle of the message. State Libyan TV shows celebrations in Tripoli for the Gaddafi regime’s defeat of the opposition. The Free Libyan forces released a video of a battle-hardened commander denying that any ground was lost today.

The official website of the revolution, Libya 17th February 2001, reports fierce fighting  in Sirte at 23h54 local time. That’s more than three hours ago. That is the only place reporting the conflict, but I’ve found the tweeterosphere to be far ahead of any news outlet in reporting the action on the ground.

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