Iman Bugaighis is spokeswoman for Libyan Provisional Transitional National Council

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Eman BugaighisA community volunteer and a woman has the job of spokesman for the Libyan Provisional Transitional National Council in Benghazi.

Iman Bugaighis was an original member of the self-appointed “Feb. 17 Revolution” committee of 13 members which ran the city from a courthouse from the first days of the successful takeover by euphoric young revolutionaries. Her LinkedIn profile says she is a Doctor in the Dental Faculty of Garuonis University in Benghazi. Her specialty is orthodontics.

Here are some recent quotes from the woman Dr. Iman Bugaighis who went from professor of dentistry to community organizer to unofficial spokeswoman of the Feb 17 Revolution committee to official spokesman for the Free Libya national council in a little more than two weeks. What a whirlwind ride!

note: The Libyan PTNC is headed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil, former Minister of Justice for the Gaddafi regime.

Youtube AJE interview AJE interview Eman Bugaighis
“Everyone is working in his role,” says Iman Bugaighis, an orthodontist working on organizing the opposition. “It’s better than it was in the first few days: the people are controlling the airport, and the banks are open. But we are waiting for Tripoli to be liberated. There are more than 1,000 km between here and Tripoli, and we’re not doing any transitions until Tripoli is liberated.”

WSJ Feb 26: re: rumor pro-Gaddafi fighting outside Benghazi
“The pro-Gadhafi people are invisible now, but they are spreading rumors to frighten people. It’s systematic and this has been Gadhafi’s game all his life.”

KWGN TV Feb 27:
“All of a sudden, we are in charge not only of a city, but a revolution.”

Kisraelatzav Feb 27:
“The temporary location of the government will be Benghazi, until the liberation of Tripoli,” said Iman Bugaighis, a spokeswoman for a coalition of antigovernment activists. Mar o4:
“It’s still chaos but we are very pleased with what we have achieved until now. We started two weeks ago from zero.”
Bugaighis found it ironic that the Libyan PYNC has created people’s committees that could easily have leapt from the pages of Col Gaddafi’s Green Book, which outlines his model of Jamahiriya, or “the rule of the masses”.
“This is what [Gaddafi] wanted, okay, it’s happened,” Ms Bugaighis says. “It’s very shocking for him.”

NDTV/NYTimes: Mar 03 re: Free Libya forces seizing Brega
“Yes, they won,” said Iman Bugaighis, a spokeswoman for the rebel governing authority, which asked Western nations to conduct airstrikes against Colonel Gaddafi’s strongholds on Wednesday. “We don’t know how long it will last. He’s getting stronger.”

Guardian Mar 07:
“We will fight. The Gaddafi regime is over,” said Iman Bugaighis, spokeswoman for the Provisional Transitional National Council of Libya. “It’s a personal issue for everybody. Our country is occupied.”
“We want international recognition of the PTNC and the organs of the new state as the sole representatives of the Libyan people, and immediate action to halt the flow of arms and mercenaries to the Gaddafi regime,” she said. “We want an immediate freeze on all funds of the Libyan state and the Gaddafi family.”
A list of demands has been agreed to at the first meeting of the PTNC and they would never accept partition. There would be no elections until Libya is united.

Guardian Mar 07: re: British SAS intrusion into Benghazi
“It’s just people coming from the sky and saying: we want to negotiate.  They said they want to see the new government. But it was really weird because there are other ways to negotiate than landing by helicopter in a field without telling us you’re coming. They said they just wanted to explore the new government. They didn’t have any details.”

Telegraph Mar o7: re: British SAS intrusion into Benghazi
“The council welcomes any delegation from any country but they have to come in a legal way. They have to understand us. It is a very sensitive situation and we want them to respect Libyan territory.”

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