Children of hate, the sad result of Fundamentalist Christian religious intolerance

A Point of View, Religion & Spirituality | | March 12, 2011 at 12:46

These children holding posters tell the whole story. How tragic that their parents have chosen to teach them that God hates. Isn’t the whole premise of Christianity supposed to be love – love of all beings, but especially your fellow man?

These posters cover everything. God hates science (blew up the shuttle). God hates our politics (America). And God not only hates homosexuals, he hates those who tolerate them (Fag enablers). Strike us all down! Smite us!

There appear to be three major branches of Christianity in the United States today:
1 & 2: Catholic and Protestant which focus on the New Testament story of Jesus, love, forgiveness, charity and grace.
Sin: Some sects still carry the burden of original sin. Salvation is possible for all.
3. Fundamentalists who look to the books of the Old Testament with its tales of retribution, strict rules of conduct and a vengeful God.
Sin: They have taken up the position of the old Catholic Church. To them, almost everything is sinful. But only the chosen are saved.

Whoever is afflicted deserves it. God is unhappy with them. His wrath and anger – hate – smites those who dare stray from the strict path. They deserve to suffer and perish.  There is only path and each little cult and sect is on it – even though those paths can be quite different from each other. But only their path is the True One.

It’s the same mentality that underlies the Tea Party demonstrations against Muslims we saw in Orange County. I have heard my fundamentalist Christian friends say often,  “What would Jesus do?”  From what I understand about Jesus of Nazareth and his philosophy, I don’t believe it would be this.

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