Japan explosions, meltdowns and radiation releases at nuclear sites

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Fukushima Reactor #3 hydrogen explosion Mar 13

Fukushima: 2 hydrogen explosions in 2 days. Reactor #1 yesterday. Reactor #3 today. Problems in 3 other plants.

Official Japanese government line: partial meltdowns; containment cores intact; released radiation not harmful to humans.

Crew of USS Ronald Reagan exposed to one month’s radiation in one hour while sailing through cloud from explosion. Helicopters on missions to and from nuclear plant are coated with radioactive dust.

We are not getting the full story right now in the press/on TV, but if you are on Twitter, you’ll know almost everything long before the news cycle.

@ToneyBrooks keeps me updated every few minutes. I don’t know how he follows all the leads – but almost all his tweets are imbedded with links to news articles, web postings, TV telecasts etc.

This site has live streaming updates: http://blogsofwar.com/nuclear/

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