Cold corporate reality almost froze the Arab Spring but UNSC vote for NFZ in Libya keeps it alive

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | March 16, 2011 at 20:46

Everyone was really excited about the “Arab Spring” until it started to happen and then they panicked. OMG – democracy! Arabs can’t handle that. Al Qaeda and Iranian mullahs will rule the oil fields.

First there was warm heartfelt sympathy and support.

Then cold corporate reality rapidly froze the West’s enthusiasm for change. Change is unpredictable and corporate interests don’t like that.  We turned out to be just what they thought we were – greedy nations run by corporations that care nothing for the rest of the world except to exploit its oil.

We came so close to creating  a whole new generation of Muslims to hate us and provide new stock for extremist movements. Where else can a guy turn who wants to change his world? The big boys will crush him if he raises his head, so he takes to the shadows and does his damage from undercover.

It’s the LACK of democracy and the West’s support of dictatorships that has allowed Al Qaeda its strength. It would have no traction if not fighting against something.

Yes, Iran went wrong. So does that mean everyone else in that part of the world has to live under oppression to avoid the risk of things going wrong again? It seems more than a little wrong now – with live bullets and chemical weapons being used to crush any opposition. But wrong and right depend entirely on whether you live in the prison or you profit from it.

What’s really sad is that we’re reluctant to help any democratic movements because of Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m so tired of the comparison. WE INVADED those places – we weren’t invited in. Doesn’t anyone else remember that?

This single United Nations Security Council vote (10 in favor, 5 abstentions) did more to save the Arab Spring than any single moment in history. Chapeau to those who finally stood up and did what was right.

That their decision was swayed by Gaddafi’s threats against the world as well as the Libya people is just another piece of the intricate puzzle. The drama of history unfolds before our eyes.

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