Mo Mohammed Nabbous Benghazi TV Libya Alhurra first missing, then found, then finally gone, A Martyr

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“I am not afraid to die, I am afraid to lose the battle” – Mohammed Nabbous, Benghazi martyr today. Omar Al-Mukhtar would be proud. @ChangeinLibya.

Mohammed Nabbous – known as Mo to the world – has been with the Libyan revolution from the beginning. I tuned into his Livestream Libya Alhurra broadcast from the first night on Feb 19, exactly one month ago.

Equipped with his laptop, he started broadcasting in the midst of the Benghazi uprising. He moved every couple of hours to avoid detection and capture. note: Al Hurra is freedom in Arabic.

His TV station has grown over the weeks from a couple of guys speaking Arabic to English transmissions and/or Arabic transmissions translated in chat. He attracted a world-wide audience in his chat room with comments in English, Arabic, German, French and Spanish.

This is the photo of him broadcasting before he left his home and his wife to go out and report the bombing in Benghazi. He is missing. No one knows if he has been injured or worse.  THEN He has been in contact with his wife. He’s fine! Thank God!

In the course of a few hours, I wrote, rewrote and then rewrote again:

AND FINALLY, He is gone. A martyr on March 19 2010 to the cause of Free Libya. Victim of sniper fire.

#LibyaAlHurraTV Mo’s wife: “Mohamed has passed away for this cause. “

Mo’s wife: “Please pray for him.
Mo’s wife: “Let’s not stop what we are doing until this is over.”
Mo’s wife: “I need everyone to do as much they can for this cause.”
Mo’s wife: “Pls keep the channel going. Pls keep & post videos”
Mo’s wife: “Move every authority you have to do something against this.”
“And he has been saying, I envy all the (martyrs). I think God gave him his wish.”
“And God willing, he’s in heaven. Pls God”

@Sal7a If u would like to send ur condolence msgs to Perdita (Mohammed ElNaboos’ wife) Please email

@ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement Yes sniper fire, he leaves a pregnant wife. it appears to be targeted
@iyad_elbaghdadi I remember crying with Wael Ghoneim when he was released in#Egypt. At least Wael lived. God chose Mo for something else.

@ Bilal – Al Jazeera
Really sad – I was following Mo so closely.. One of his early reports: and his last:

@freedom4libya Khalifa Leebee
#MoNabbos we will never forget you. To paradise my friend. #Libya united and free.

@FreeBenghazi Libya.elHurra  Mohamed #Nabbous: Rockstar revolutionary, patriot, hero, friend, son, brother, husband and father to an unborn child
@Libyus #MohammadNabbous #Libya #Benghazi #RIP#MohammadNabbous #Libya #Benghazi #RIP#MohammadNabbous #Libya #Benghazi #RIP” #feb17
@exiledsurfer my heart is heavy, but my soul sings for Mohammad Nabbous. #libya

@iyad_elbaghdadi I so wished that Mo would live through this. I so wished we would one day read: “Mohammad Nabbous, CEO & Founder,#Libya al-Hurra TV Corp.”

@ChangeinLibya.”I am not afraid to die, I am afraid to lose the battle” – Mohammed Nabbous, Benghazi martyr today. Omar Al-Mukhtar would be proud.

I feel like I know knew him even though I’ve only watched and listened to him grow. CNN was interviewing him earlier. ABC mentioned him. He was a man with a mission and a man who will make helped make a mark in the new Free Libya possible. Inshallah.

Libya Alhurra:

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