President Sarkozy thanks for email of support

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Chère Madame,

Le Président de la République française a bien reçu votre message.

Monsieur Nicolas SARKOZY m’a confié le soin de vous remercier de votre témoignage de soutien, auquel il a été particulièrement sensible.

Aevc mes hommages.

Le Chef de Cabinet

Guillaume LAMBERT


Madame Sandra GORE NIELSEN


Above is a copy the email I received early this morning from Lambert, new chief of staff for President Sarkozy of France.  Lambert is supposed to be young and energetic. Don’t think it’s just a standard form letter due to typo “aevc.” Should be “avec.”

I had emailed Sarkozy through  his office website expressing my appreciation for his support of the Libyan people and for his actions saving the city of Benghazi. I certainly appreciated the response from his office. I didn’t expect one.  I explained I was an American citizen grateful for his leadership, vision and compassion.

my translation of his email (French is so much more expressive than English – but here it is):

Dear Madame,

The President of the French Republic has received your message.

Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy asked me to thank you for your testimonial of support which was particularly meaningful to him.

With my respects,

Chief of Staff

Guillaume Lambert

cartoon by Kevin Siers

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