Has Moussa Koussa defected?

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Two days ago Moussa Koussa took his family in a caravan of three cars across the Western border of Libya on a “private” visit to Tunisia. There wasn’t anybody who thought it was for a vacation.

Tweets today have him arriving at Heathrow Airport, although reports say the Brits didn’t let him in. It is also reported that he is not travelling with his family, whom he left behind in Tunis.

Note: Moussa Koussa was conspicuously left off the UN travel ban list. There’s lots of speculation about that, including his close ties to the CIA. Certainly his hands are not clean. He was known to be Gaddafi’s man who targeted Libyan opposition in exile for assassination. Will update when more information is available.

Latest on Twitter: According to Reuters: Noman Benotman, friend of Moussa Koussa and senior analyst at Britain’s Quilliam think tank, “He (Moussa Koussa) wasn’t happy at all. He doesn’t support the government attacks on civilians. He’s seking refuge in Britain and hopes he will be treated well.”

Irony: The man who hunted down Libyan exiles in Britain is hoping to be treated well. And he has friends?

YouTube – Gaddafi’s External Hit Squads – اغتيالات القذافي في الخارج http://bit.ly/i20tLo

Various spellings of his name are Mousa Kousa, Musa Kusa, Moussa Koussa. But no matter how you spell it, this mafiosa type is from the heart of Gaddafi’s Inner Circle and his movements have great portent. Sounds like he has  defected, even though Libyan government is claiming he is traveling on official business ? Would that be a deal for Gaddafi?

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