Gaddafi defections that would really count

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It will take more than the defections of top people in the Gaddafi regime to bring down him down. According to my source, the fight on the ground is waged not only by a couple of his sons, but by Gaddafi “captains” that control the soldiers of the regime.

My source tells me to look at Gaddafi as a mafia boss and it’s easier to understand the regime’s governance and power structure. Although defections at the top weaken the regime and undermine Gaddafi’s confidence and state of mind, he might fight on even if one or more of the Gaddafi brothers, Saif, Khamis or Saadi, defect.

As long as the following men identified as his main “captains” are still loyal and lead his soldiers, Muammar Gaddafi will most likely live up to his promise to never quit.

Here are some of the other names to look for besides the ones currently in the news.

On UN Sanctions/Asset Freeze List: 

Abdullah al-Senussi (Gaddafi’s brother-in-law) – rumors about his disappearance include Saif Al Islam shot him
Abdulqader al-Baghdadi – Revolutionary Committee Council
Matuq Mohammed Matuq – Minister of General People’s Committee for Public Works

Gdadfa Tribe: Gaddafi’s tribe is comprised of smaller packs. His group is Gahoos, known as Goohsi. Tthey make of the most of his most loyal and inner circle.

Ahmed Ibrahim –  Gadadfa Tribe
Ali Kilaani – Gadadfa Tribe – Head of the Libyan State TV (LJBC)


Fouzia Shalabi – Head of LJBC Propaganda Committee – One of Gaddafi’s loyal female aides
Abu Shaaraya – brother of Sofiya, Gaddafi’s second wife and mother of his 7 sons, including Saif al-Islam, Khamis, Saadi, Hannibal and daughter Aisha. Head of archives and counter intelligence.
Mustafa al-Kharoobi – as high ranking as Abdullah al-Senussi
Abdallah Mansour –  Hrawa Tribe - head of Gaddafi protectors in Harawa on the outskirts of Sirte.
Abdulrahman Kirfaq – Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s right hand man
Mohamed Ramadan – Motassim Gaddafi’s right hand man

Nouri Alhmeidi
Sabri Shadi
Baghdadi al-Mahmudi
Mustafa al-Zaydi
Amar al-Tayif
Ahmed Ibrahim
Salah Ibrahim
Khalifa Haneish

Rumored dead

Said Rashid – rumoured to have been killed first week of uprising
Abdul Haadi Abdulsalam – rumored to have been killed first week in Benghazi

Comments welcome for corrections or additional information.

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