Berber Revolutionaries sing around campfire “Where do you want us to go?”

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Nalut in the Nafusa Mtns photo by Cuneyt Sengunes

How many soldiers sing around the campfire after a day of fighting! What a spirit these Amazigh (Berber) men of the Western Mountains of Libya have.

This YouTube/TweetDeck catches their song in the Nafusa (Nafoosa) Mountains sometime in these last days of intense battle with Gaddafi forces.

The words, sung in a dialect of  Tamazight (Berber) are translated here thanks to @IbnOmar2005:

Where do you want us to go?
Give me your hand
So we can go to Benghazi
The City of Freedom
So we can go to Zawiya
The City of Martyrs
So we can go to Zintan
The City of Knights
And in the end Libya will be free, and we will live in love and tranquility


Nafusa Mountains (note: not current - battleground changes)


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