Take a handful of dust, Misrata, to your homes by Rahman Shalgam

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Take a handful of dust, Misrata, to your homes.
Saturday, April 30, 2011
Rahman Shalgam
WARNING: This is a google translation from Arabic. It’s raw and not had the benefit of any sensitive Human interpretation. I did no editing. You get a great image though, of the way the Arabic-speaking mind thinks – put ideas and concepts together. It’s an adventure and a bit bewildering. But very insightful if you have the patience to work through it.
article by Rahman Shalgam
It’s the second hour and a half in the afternoon, I’m on a plane Alitalia «Alitalia» en route to New York. Behold, I proceed to move away again from my home, here in Rome where I lived and worked as ambassador for more than ten years, of Rome, which correspond to Libya on the other shore of the Mediterranean, I feel where some of the breezes and national, which burn Gaddafi and strangle people. Often wraps around me question my body and pressed my soul and my heart, when you see the infield on the land of dear homeland, breathe the sacred aroma, perfume Alamadmk freedom after wash the blood of the martyrs bones?
Whenever levels of aggression against the tyrant of our cities and our villages, our young people rushed into the great repel that aggression Balnhor and the breasts, lightly, I feel that the distance limit towards the homeland, and the dream to return to the land and the resistance of manhood and sacrifice grows, expands and extends.Expanded volcano of the Great Arab Revolt extends from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya Syria Yemen, Algeria, Libya, but the volcano has had a brilliant and bright tone, his blood flowing, and his voice resounding seismic.Mobilized tyrant convoys war machine and to mobilize battalions, led by his children sick criminals, along with tens of thousands of mercenaries from all quarters and every color, occupying, destroying, burning and raping orders Muammar Gaddafi to hurt his hatred and hatred of the Libyans and Libyan, burn green and dry. All revolutions, facing the Arab and violence of tyrants, but a revolution to Libya was its uniqueness, depending on the uniqueness of personality Gaddafi bloody dictatorship was unprecedented in history ever seen. Gaddafi was superior to all the mighty and tyrants, for the first time in history, waging all-out war on the tyrant of the people supposed to be.

Imposed a revolution for Libya itself to the world Fmlotha and occupied, they are the only revolutions Arab quick Security Council to stand with them and passed resolutions under Chapter VII of the order to protect the Libyans from the oppression of the tyrant, and mobilized the military aviation world to hit the Odra Gaddafi iron barbarism, spoke of the heads of the world of adults Libya City civilian, even though U.S. President Obama or Sarkozy, or the British Prime Minister Cameron scientists geographically or guides in different cities of Libya. And raced the media to cover the news of the revolution in Libya, as a phenomenon of the times, but time, and racing journalists and military analysts and political commentators were running behind the events precipitating the dramatic. The Security Council issued resolutions binding punish Qaddafi and his family and clients, in the middle of that momentum the boat and the mountain events increased the name of Misurata, Misurata by Garat missiles Gaddafi, tanks and cannons and the battalions and the mercenaries of several weeks, not Erhgaha hunger, was shaken by the river of blood did not Ixrha mad Gaddafi Iron, Jin tyrant and pushed all of his mercenaries and battalions and mechanisms around the rebels to free the ashes and smoke and debris.

Youth Misurata raised the pyramids will the blood and water stones bodies and spread fragrance of freedom, the lives of martyrs.Misurata steadfastness and confrontation, Stalingrad century, the icon of freedom, the right address. I walked in the spirit of life, and rallied her name on the conscience of the world, and chanted greatness conscience of mankind. From here, on the other shore of the Mediterranean might turn to you, O soul of my country, O my song, and chills, and sentimental, call you love, you love I shook my soul and sings out of respect to you and glory! “. My dear, and what Hachastei, donated blood and Libya flesh and soul, engraved crown freedom Bzfrat Mahj Alcillin handsome youth and beauty of chivalry men. You have entered the expression «intifada» revolutionaries who coined the Palestinians their souls and blood to all the dictionaries the world, an expression of rejection of occupation and submission, and here is the name of Misurata knocking the doors of the free pronouns in the whole world is synonymous with freedom.

Misurata City is no longer on a piece of the land of Libya, or gathering of human life is dealing as it does the rest of the inhabitants of the earth. No, now the meaning of Misurata, and wounded, and said, giant flames, people can see it from everywhere and shine at all times, Misurata, The Legend of freedom, a legend of time. If the air was packed in decorative bottles, the burden of air in the most beautiful perfume bottles to be for freedom, and to enable human beings for the first time to inhale the scent of freedom. If the dust that covers the metal value of the currencies, the right to Misurata dust covers to be the most expensive of all types of currencies. When the sun shines above the canopy of Misurata becomes light is glow radiates Qudsaya rites of freedom.

Now I stay away from air breezes and my crown jewel Misurata write my will.

When I die I want to bury in the land of the free Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, in the home be free of dust, the name and identity and the fragrance, it becomes reduced to a closed tomb niche home, denotes the entity. The grave in the dirt free shroud weaves a special, last, but by that which Ilvk shop, knead sweet spices that do not know who runs put the bodies in pieces of cloth, I want to be a technician from the threads of freedom, Hnouti of dust and putty blood national freedom. If you leave the soul and the body rested and deposited niche eternity, be placed under my head, a handful of dust «Misurata» to be Hnouti Mount, live with me until the pulse of the nation and Abaka not become obsolete and not removed from the fragrance of eternal freedom. Every pebble from the glow of the name Meda Misurata Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and beats her heart, and impregnated with scent. In each grain of soil from Misurata, live seed miracles, immortality and the Galaxy. In the «Hventi» lies first and last days and looked to exist, who fell asleep in it.


May trivialize life until the hour of the moral and the earth but the subject. What is home? The attempt to answer this question is not imposed by the logic of the adventure does not insist upon circumstance, because the word often overriding, overwhelming, stressful, time control and reproduce the place, and mature content and change every second and not at all accurate. Home in this day and place to implement everything and invincible all else and takes the above things and where and at the bottom, creating emotion, and the effect of life.

Home for each of the supervised to carry the identity of belonging to Libya, I mean, flares and fire and blood, or groans and sorrow chills Pride and nose. Libya this magical name that does not change of its introduction or its successor is today Tel human freedom, the leaders of the universe kept the names of cities and villages … Oh my God, here is the President of America Barack Obama speaks the name of «Ajdabiya» as Intgah any man from the tribe of the Moroccans, and here is Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron Ilala on behalf of Misurata also delights in mentioning any man of young fighters in Tripoli Street or in the «Aldavnip» or «Tminp », published in al-Gaddafi death showers. Misurata eager with the lives of human beings all over the world, and fluttering above groans Libyans, pride and excitement and sympathy, Misurata, which shone in the code, and epitomized the whoop of blood, the sap will Jamahiriya red, agitated that bull dictator Muammar Gaddafi donating Scud missiles to centuries of madness and cluster bombs to the hissing of burning hatred, shedding the blood of Misurata on its territory, and each pebble turned to Marge writes the name of Libya, which burn the tyrant mercenaries. I have no doubt that the «home» is the Holy Spirit that glow in the black within the Misurata, Afikthmon Mganzrat Igalbon Gaddafi and rockets, and everything in Misurata haunted chant of vibration beats the heart of Libya. Thus, you turn every stone to the icon you Misurata love and miracles, to the atom of existence and existence, Libya, launched in Zgrudp angelic, given all the trigger rounds of freedom, objects Tsra paid. Misurata O Stalingrad century, my beloved Karbala Libya, every grain of sand you rak’ah prayer, and freedom of the Kaaba, and Oamadp sure.Temperature and lived faith, loyalty and love and sanctification canopy of the sacred city.

Download the believers in their city at the heart of Sjadthm that bow out, in a small piece of stone Karbala, worship in all their prayers. In that small piece of crust Karbala is a time and place, loyalty and lives, including the fragrant smells of kinship, and which reflected the lives of faith and belonging. Misurata is Karbala every Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, which I’ve told the Bible, and my appeal and hope to all the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to take a handful of dust, Misurata, Erchha at home, will be home and home, will breathe boys scent of freedom, and filled with heart Booxegin Libya net and it becomes blood and flesh and bone KUNA in eternal truth, not Itolh tyrant does not oppress Jabbar. This is my appeal and hope.

* The representative of Libya (the opposition) to the United Nation


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