Eman Al-Obeidi escapes Libya to Tunisia

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Eman Al-Obeidi being interviewed by Nic Robertson CNN in Tripoli weeks ago

Twitter is burning up with the latest news of the Libyan heroine, Eman Al-Obeidi. She escaped Tripoli, Libya with the help of a defecting military officer and his family, crossing the Dahibah border disguised “in a local manner.” There were no challenges and she entered Tunisia without problem. She was sheltered in a safe house before being driven to Tunis by as yet unnamed European diplomats who have taken her under their protection. It is reported on Twitter that she will go from Tunis to Qatar, but that is not confirmed.

According to tweets from Nic Robertson of CNN, Eman has spoken to CNN’s Khalil Abdallah. CNN has been in contact with Eman since she appeared at the Rixos Hotel dining room and told her story of kidnapping and rape to a room full of journalists and Gaddafi regime minders. CNN has done several interviews with her and helped set up the Free Iman Al-Obeid Facebook page where messages of support could be posted. http://www.facebook.com/FreeIman

Nic Robertson has always been gracious in answering any queries about Eman that he could.

Her mother and family are in Eastern Libya in the city of Tobruk.

Must be the best Mother’s Day present ever for her mom!

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