Safiya Gaddafi phones CNN to complain about treatment of her family

Libya, Middle East & North Africa | | May 29, 2011 at 16:01

In her latest show of chutzpah, Mrs. Safiya Gaddafi, wife of Muammar, talked in arabic with CNN about the plight of her poor family at the hands of NATO and the rest of the world. From the hysteria in her voice, I would guess she is still in Libya and not tucked away safely in Tunisia or Vienna as previously rumored.

Safiya complains about the treatment of her family and laments the loss of her youngest son, Saif al-Arab, by NATO bombs. Life means nothing in Libya anymore, she whines. Yeah, well who caused that? And what about some compassion for the mothers of thousands of sons who are dead, maimed or missing – all because of the ferocious need for power of your husband and the equally egomaniac sons you bore. Not one word in the whole conversation about the plight of the Libyan people, about the women and girls raped by mercenaries your husband and sons are paying to destroy the country. Not word about Misrata and the shelling of civilians by your family’s forces. Not word about the starvation and misery of the peoples of the Western Mountains as they resist the onslaught of grad attacks on ancient cities and monuments, living in caves to avoid a mercenary and ruthless army of thugs.

Here’s the link to the phone interview with CNN’s Nima Elbagir. Nima went way too soft on Safiya. She showed concern for Safiya, but asked no hard questions. Not journalism at all. Judge for yourself if Safiya Gaddafi is in touch with reality.

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