@WheelerTweets photos from Nafusa Libya

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James Wheeler at Bir Ayad on the road to Ar-ryayna


Hospital in Arrusjban

Jadu ruins used as lookout point by Freedom Fighters

Jadu view

Zintan bomb disposal. This one man personally neutralized 169 land mines!

Jadu "barracks" for Freedom Fighters

Arrusjban median

Brazilian landmines - Khosha

Arrujban girl besides Grad hole

Jadu Freedom Fighters with donated water

Pastoral scene from roof of house hit by Gaddafi Grad

Alphabet table with Latin-based, Arabic and Amazigh (Berber) letters

"Land we can't defend upon it, we don't have the right to live on it"

Jadu freedom fighter on watch

Zintan "Thank You"

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