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A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa | | June 30, 2011 at 11:02

James Wheeler @WheelerTweets continues with his great messages and photos from on the ground in the Western Mountain area of Libya known as Nafusa. These photos were taken a few days ago in Zintan.

Defected Libyan football (soccer) team getting off bus for their visit to Zintan. Crowd goes wild!

Volunteer painters wrapping up their work for the day in the center of Zintan.


Map of Libya underconstruction in the center of town. This is patriotism!

Kids cleaning the sidewalk by new murals in the centre of Zintan across the street from the big map of Libya


New addition to the beloved murals cropping up in the center of town.

"Cool graffiti" that caught James' eye in Zintan

Center of town. Painting on the new curb striping is still wet.

Volunteers painting the curb center of town. That new paint gives us all new life.

A meeting of Zintan elders with Ibrahim Madani finishing his welcoming remarks to defected Libyan national football team.

Omar Muktar is a more well-known Libyan hero from a century ago. But he wasn't the only one. This is Salem Bin Abdul Nabie of Zintan.

Zintan native son Salem Bin Abdul Nabie depicted in a mural painted in center of town

National Libyan football soccer goalie Juma Gtat next to some Gaddafi damage inside Jamaa El Shuhada (mosque).

East sid of mosque Jamaa El Shuhada on east side of Zintan at scene of the first big battle

"Gaddafi, your solid green panoramas are fast disappearing here." Paint still wet.

Young guys putting on brave face before going down the mountain with us from Zintan to prepare for Bir Ghanam 8 pm Jun 29

This says it all. "Thanks for anyone support us." Flags of UAE, Tunisia & Qatar.

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