Gaddafi family launches PR campaign with TV interviews featuring Saif al-Islam and Aisha while Gaddafi threatens Europe

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The Gaddafi’s are obviously on a PR campaign to win sympathy. And from the look of their dress, both Aisha and Saif are hoping to appeal to the traditional world. Saif has a new beard and North African robes in contrast with his college boy look shown in the photo below taken from a CNN interview the first days of the conflict. Aisha appeared for her French TV interview yesterday in the attire of a modest Muslim woman. Far cry for both of them from their earlier Western looks.

Here’s the link to the site with Saif’s English interview with the West. It’s so hard to imagine that the West ever pinned their hopes on this guy.’s

Saif al-Islam’s last televised speech to Libyans in Arabic with English subtitles.

Just hours after Saif tells the world how peaceful a family they are, Muammar uses the phone to address a pro-regime crowd in Green Square with threats to NATO that he will attack Europe if the bombing doesn’t stop.

By the way – still would like to know who’s working for them. Some big PR company is taking charge of this campaign. They’re not savvy enough to pull this off on their own.

Aisha in her Claudia Schiffer incarnation

Check out my article on Aisha and her new look as she cries to French TV yesterday.


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