Beer, massage and Irish pub and music in Sanur Bali

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Last night had a pretty big adventure here in Sanur. I started just kinda wandering around, trying to get a feel for the area, and somehow ended up walking in circles like 3 times. By this point, I was getting really overheated and started feeling light headed. So I popped into a bar and got an ice cold beer and sat under a fan for a while which cooled me down.

At this point I just kind of wandered down the street, stopping at each bar I passed and got a beer, trying to see if I could strike up any conversations, but didn’t have much luck.  Ended up going into a convenience store to buy some sunscreen for the next day’s dive and upon leaving on my way back to the hostel, some random Aussie in a bar flagged me down and told me to come in and get a beer.

So I ended up talking to him for a bit and he introduced me to a bunch of older Expats. We got into some pretty funny and interesting conversations.  The first thing they said was, “Hey, it’s you! We’ve seen you walk past here at least 3 times tonight! About time you came in for a drink! We figured you for a lost Aussie!” We mostly talked about them be jealous of me being here in my 20’s and how they are all married. They were remembering the good old days.

I hung around for a couple of hours with them buying me a bunch of drinks.  After drunkenly deciding that I wanted a massage, I wandered down the street for a one hour massage (probably around 10pm). Next came food as I hadn’t eaten any dinner and I stumbled into some place called the Cat and Fiddle, which I guess is an Irish pub, as besides the traditional Indonesian dishes on the menu, they had various Irish stews and the like.  The place was hopping with tourists, so I figured they probably had some good food. I ordered fried rice with chicken satay (pretty basic Bali meal). The portion size was appropriate for the price – not overly filing, but satisfying – which was about 55,000 rupiah (US$6.50) which is fairly standard for the tourist district here in Sanur. Very nice presentation on the food, however.

Shortly after sitting down, a band came back from break which was rather hilarious.  It was 5 Balinese guys that were an Irish band, complete with a flute and violin.  They sang various Irish songs in a pretty thick Bali accent, but as far as their musical talent, they were impressive. Later they switched to playing covers, but in an Irish style, the most memorable being “Sweet Home Alabama” with the violin and flute playing the guitar parts for a very unique and peculiar sound. Cat and

I hung around here for a bit listening to some more music, and eventually made my way back home to get some sleep for my important dive the next day. Getting tested on all the various skills I had learned in an open water enviroment.

Just another day in Paradise.

RANDOM INFO on what stuff costs:
A beer costs between 15,000 to 25.000 rupiah [US$1.75-$2.90].
Cocktails run about 45.000-65.000 [US$5.25-$7.50] depending on what and how premium (Johnny Black, Chivas Regal on the higher end, Jack Daniels etc on the lower).
You can get a local booze called Arak that is much cheaper – 20.000 to 25.000 [US$2.30-$2.90 usually for mixed drinks.]
Liquor bottles in the store are very, very expensive,  like 40 to 60 dollars US. Some of the local whiskies and vodkas are a bit cheaper and can be purchased for just under $20.  Arak is a lot cheaper; I’m not sure exactly on the price. It can be purchased from little local shops in un-labled water bottles for a couple of dollars.

Indonesian cell phones go for like 25 to 35 dollars.  There’s tons and tons of cell phone stores around here though, so might just do some random looking around and see if any of them have a super cheap one.

Also heard you can get a whole bag full of saffron here for like 10 bucks. Jameson says it’d be worth hundreds of dollars if you were to buy it in Australia. I believe the US is the same when it comes to saffron prices (isn’t it like $12 for a couple strands?)

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