More Faces of Freedom Fighters in Gaddafi’s war on his people @wheelertweets

Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Military | | July 16, 2011 at 18:42

The battle for Free Libya rages. These are more faces of the young men who are giving everything to make a new country of hope. American James Wheeler is there, in the hospitals of Tunis with them, recording their stories via twitter. Please see the many articles posted on sandraoffthestrip which recount the heroic stories of the bravery and sacrifice of these Libyan Lions. Follow James @WheelerTweets FREE LIBYA!!!

Omar 13 yrs old and a FF from Misrata. Arrived in Tunis yesterday from a hospital in Sfax Tunisia.

Tarek, 21 from Misrata. Injured May 29. 4 FFs hit at same time by Gaddafi tank in Dafniya.

Hamza an injured freedom fighter from Kikla. He's at a different Tunis hospital than other guys I've shown.

Majjidy an injured FF from Zintan. Shot in both legs by Gaddafi forces at Qwaleesh on Jul 14.

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