A seawall in Shell Beach to protect a sewage lift station

Earth, Sea Life | | June 21, 2012 at 07:38

Once upon a time, people were even stupider than they are today. Some bright light bulb built a sewage lift station into the fragile cliffs of Shell Beach. Surprise – about a generation later – Mother Nature threatens to expose that lift station to the elements and render most of old Shell Beach Village without flushing toilets – or at least, ones that don’t flush into the sea.

So today, we get a seawall. Tomorrow – well, not exactly tomorrow – but after another generation’s tomorrows, we will no longer have a beach. But we’ll have a lift station to pump our shit – maybe.

But it’s okay, because it probably won’t happen in my lifetime. Unless the oceans warm and the sea rises – oops, aren’t there some reliable indicators of that already happening?

Seawall being constructed to protect the Shell Beach Vista del Mar sewage lift station built into the cliff.

Pouring concrete as viewed from Vista del Mar Shell Beach

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