Hillary and Nevada Redux

2016 Presidential Race, A Point of View, Politics | | February 21, 2016 at 10:13
My Hillary Caucus T-Shirt from 2008

My Hillary Caucus T-Shirt from 2008

A long eight years ago, I caucused for Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas. It was a tight race then with Obama. At least, it felt tight. A field of candidates still vied for the nomination, a field which slipped away one by one until Super Tuesday made it clear that Barack Obama would be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the White House.

Yesterday, Hillary took Nevada again. It was close, closer than I’d like. The delegates are to be split, Clinton 19 and Bernie 15, so as in Iowa, there isn’t a clear mandate. Not like in the Republican race in South Carolina, also yesterday, where The Donald took all 44 delegates. A xenophobic, crass, bellicose fanatic seems destined to represent the GOP in November. I’d like to think that any Democrat could beat him, but that would be naive.

Polls from late fall 2015 show that over 50% of Americans say they would never vote for an atheist or a socialist. A fascist vs a socialist is how a Bernie Sanders-Trump race would be billed. The media salivates while the country suffers. I’m pinning my hopes on the good sense of the Democrats to nominate Hillary and on the good sense of the country to elect her.

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