Who created this blog?

Sandra Off the Strip started out as a magazine for locals and visitors to Las Vegas seeking the offbeat, Off the Strip experience unknown to mainstream tourism. 

We’ve evolved, and our scope is now more Off the Strip than ever – we’re thinking globally now. The rabbit hole still beckons….it is just leading to a maze of tunnels. I like to call the experience a magazine for the eclectic mind.

BTW I love guest contributors and welcome “op-ed” publication of any and all ideological positions.

p.s. Who is Sandra? I’m just one very opinionated lady who also writes racy time travel novels about ancient Egypt, self-help manuals on Living Rich by Shopping Smart and likes to share her Life Choices in anthologies. I’ve been in love with the Middle East for as long as I can remember, and certainly since I saw Lawrence of Arabia at age 13 and said “I’m going there!” And I did. Well maybe not exactly to that specific sand dune, but I did spend six months hitchhiking across the Sahara back in the 70’s, three years in the Maghreb, a year in Saudi Arabia and a couple of long visits to Egypt.

You can read more about that at my author website www.SLGore.com.