Day Trips from the Strip

You need a car for any of these trips – or better yet a Harley. Anything is for rent/sale in Vegas, so if you have done what you want to do in the casinos and hanker after some fresh air and open vista, here are some ideas.

20-30 minutes from the Strip:

Sloan Canyon.hiking and Native American rock art sites. Guided Hikes are offered occasionally through the Clark Co. Museum. 702-455-7955. Take I-15 south to exit 25 and turn right at Sloan Rd, go 1.6 mi.

30-40 minutes from the Strip:

Red Rock National Preserve. There are some amazing rock formations here and it is very quiet on any day except Sunday and holidays. Even then, the crowds are hardly even that. Take Charleston west out of town and you’ll continue on a road that curves through Red Rock, goes past the entrance to Bonnie Springs, by Blue Diamond and you end up in southern Las Vegas Strip area not far from South Coast Casino (Blue Diamond Road). It’s an amazing drive day or night, but the thrill of coming from behind the mountain to catch your first vista of the Las Vegas night sky is always breathtaking. There’s something about the sudden contrast of desert darkness and stars to the valley aglow in endless white light that simply takes your breath away. Many hiking trails in the area.

Boulder City. Go south and east on 95 to discover the gem of small town America. Covered sidewalks downtown house small cafes and a great wine and cheese bar. Tree-lined streets shade pedestrians and cyclists in this eclectic village of old era bungalows, trailer parks and million dollar mansions. There is a great documentary film festival each year. Dam Short Film Festival

40-50 minutes from the Strip:

Mt. Charleston. Just take 95 north a few miles and look for the discreet signage directing you to turn left and climb the desert terrain from Joshua trees to the pines. There is snow up there in the winter and skiing too. .The Mt. Charleston Inn has great cabins with gas fireplaces for rent and the restaurant is relaxed country – good food, wood-buring fireplace in winter, fabulous hot (alcoholic) drinks as the speciality of the house. The only gambling is the video poker at the bar. Check out the real estate prices of local "cabins." You pay a premium to live 45 minutes from the Strip, up among the pines and cool fresh air. You’ll pass the Lodge at Mt. Charleston on the way up, not high enough for pines or snow though. It’s newly been refurbished and is also a great place to escape Vegas and experience the high desert

60-90 mintues from the Strip:

Overton. . Here’s the chance to combine a little art/culture with a day trip through the Valley of Fire State Park. The Lost City Museum in Overton is exhibiting the nature photos of Marcella Brendible throughout the month of March. The Museum is open daily, 8:30 am- 4:30 pm, $3 adults/$2 seniors/Free for children & members. 702-397-2193. State Route 169 off I-15. Take exit #93 or arrive via Lake Mead or the Valley of Fire.

Strongly recommend Rte. 169 off I-15 at Crystal for drive through Valley of Fire, or Route 167 through Lake Mead. BLM Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area with Off-roading.  Many hiking trails in the area.

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