Postcards from Libya

Fall of Gaddafi

Epic Libyan via @ChangeinLibya

Victory celebrated in California

courtesy @Tripoli17Feb

Eid Mubarak cake

Aisha the mermaid – gold sofa in Gaddafi daughter’s palatial compound

Freedom Graffiti – thanx Lee Dorsey

Freedom Graffiti – thanx Lee Dorsey

Freedom graffiti – thnx Lee Dorsey

Abracadabra via @Carolv27

Misrata Rally July 6 via Facebook

From the Misrata Rally July 6 via Facebook

Kids cleaning the sidewalk by new murals in the centre of Zintan across the street from that big new map of Libya via @WheelerTweets

Thank you NATO via @RAGreeneCNN

Kite over Benghazi celebrating ICC arrest warrants

Sign in Misrata on day ICC announced arrest warrants for Gaddafi, Saif & al-Senussi (Jun 27)

Fresh wall mural in Zintan town center. Paint still wet Jun 25. via @WheelerTweets

Picking up a few tips for the next jungle war via @Netpal4u

Irish Aid Convoy to Western Mtns from Tunisia. Liam Barrett & James Wheeler (r) via @wheelertweets

Zenga Zenga Darwin via @IbnOmar2005

Misrata Freedom Fighter via @ChangeInLibya

February 17th by Abdullah Fadhi. Charcoal on Concrete.

“Misrata is too cool for you.” Signed “Free Libya” Message to Gaddafi via @ChangeInLibya

EpicLibyanHajja. Ready for battle! via EpicLibyanMan

Qatar, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt flags on Benghazi wall via @ChangeInLibya

Revolutionary art from wall of  Benghazi media center via @betsy_hiel

Benghazi by night – “This place is too cool for you, Gaddfi.”  via Libyan Youth Movement

Refugee children at Libyan camp near Dehiba border. photo Al Arabiya

@BentBenghazi’s daughter’s Libyan heart

Masked Epic Kid thnx to @EpicLyban

Zanga Zanga Baby! via @IbnOmar2005

thanks to @IbnOmar2005

Volunteer Youth sweep street and plaza Benghazi

Benghazi media room photo Le Monde

extinct volcano Wow Al Namus in Fezzen, Libya photo thanx to Libyan Youth Movement

How the tables have turned – @ChangeInLibya

Tunisians and Libyans at border

Free Libya Hat and Vest

Libya – new US ally in North Africa – Greets McCain

Gaddafi in trash bin of history

Libyan Homemade Tank

Summer Sale – Gaddafi must go!

Benghazi cop photo by Chris Hondros

Gaddafi Trash photo by Ryan Calder

Mohammed Al Halbous, the great Misrati leader and hero

Entrance to Benghazi

Guitar Man

Libyan State TV propaganda machine (March was agst budget cuts)

Eman al Obeidi and journalists assaulted Hotel Rixos

Ibn Omar Free Libyan soldier with standard issue

Mohammed “Mo” Nabbous – Martyr

Free Libyan Women (Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)



Epic Libyan Man @IbnOmar2005

mural in Benghazi near Libyan National Council

Victory Sign in Libya

This is how Epic Libyan Man drives his car

Victory in Zawiya @bandolero69